4701 North Star Way
Modesto CA 95356

Company History

Keytrix Data Systems, Inc is owned by the stockholders of Wood Connection, Inc., a California manufacturer of store fixtures, architectural casework, and millwork. Wood Connection markets nationwide and into Canada. A family doing business first as Keytrix Systems and then Manufacturing Software Systems (MSS) in Maryland originally developed Woodwork /2001. Wood Connection purchased the crucial intellectual property from the prior owners in May of 1996 and formed the company Keytrix Data Systems. In October 2001 Keytrix Data Systems was incorporated and became a stand alone company.

Wood Connection uses Woodwork /2001 for estimating, costing, CAD assistance and production on a daily basis. Woodworkers who use the product in a production environment on a daily basis provide support and training. Development efforts are driven by user needs, not marketing needs. Keytrix has retained the original developer to continue the development of Woodwork/2001 and there are over 33 man-years of development in the product that he has managed since 1982.