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Is Woodwork 2001 for you?

At Keytrix Data Systems we recognize that not all software is for all companies. Our goal is to see if our product is a viable solution for your Company. We want any relationship your company may have with us to be a successful endeavor. Implementing software takes time, training and a commitment from management. In the long run this commitment is an investment that will exceed your cost for the software. And we believe that over the long term your efforts will be rewarded with a higher level of productivity and lower manufacturing costs. Woodwork 2001 is very flexible and works with your manufacturing standards as they are adapted to various projects and items. It is designed to help you estimate, assist in cad preparation of shop drawings, produce a wide range of reports for production, link to CNC saws and drills, or print optimizations for use on manual saws.

There are some features in other brands of software that most manufacturers of architectural millwork and casework or store fixtures may not want or need. Most companies doing this type of work need to move a lot of data to the shop floor in short periods of time. You may want to base production reports on a single day's capacity or you may want to produce multiple stores at the same time. We can support either of these options or any mix in between on job or production based criteria you define.

Although we ship a sample database with the product you will most likely want to create or modify this to match your own methods. One of the concepts that we do not support is a drawing to cutlist type program. One reason for this is shop drawings need to be conceptually correct with correct data. But we may not want to draw to machine precision. Also when there are multiples of the same elevation with different dimensions many companies just run a set of dimension strings for each different elevation. Another unsupported feature is what we call "presentation" drawing which are primarily used to show to a 3d rendering of a kitchen or residence. If both of the above items are important to you we may not be a good fit. We would like the opportunity to expand on this! If you are insterested please fill out the following form.