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"What is Flexispec"
"FlexiSpec" Flexible Specification Management Architecture

FlexiSpec architecture can dramatically reduce the time required to take off a job. And it can also reduce the number of product designs you'll need. FlexiSpec is a system for letting you be as "custom" as you need to be but not more. Flexispec affects materials, colors, edging, sizes and hardware.

Here's how it works. Consider the example of product height. Using FlexiSpec, you specify the height for each similar group. For example, suppose you give your group BASE CABINETS a height of 30.5 inches. You could do a takeoff without making any additional height entries for BASE CABINETS. They'll all come out 30.5 inches high. Now suppose the next job breaks the general rule that BASE CABINETS are all 30.5 high and needs 28.5 inches instead. You simply specify this new default height at the job level. The default height for BASE CABINETS remains 30.5, the job overrides it to 28.5. Simple. As you may have guessed, the FlexiSpec architecture reaches all the way down to the detail levels. You can override the defaults all the way down to an individual item. So at each level you only have to do data entry on product heights for those objects that don't follow the default established at a higher level.

End Panel Management is a special condition of flexispec.

Each V3.0 product you create can handle all four combinations of exposed and unexposed end panels. This feature allows you to reduce the number of products in your database by a factor of four with no loss of functionality. Here's how it works. You classify each part of a product into one of five usage categories--exposed left, unexposed left, exposed right, unexposed right, or other. Then for each line item you select "yes" or "no" for exposed left and exposed_right (the default is no to both). WOODWORK/2001 does the rest by automatically dropping the parts that do no apply to the item.