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"Why a parametric or rules based system versus a design based system"

Woodwork 2001 is a parametric or rules-based system. In this type of system you define rules about how to build your products. Rules incorporate your variables so no rules are hard and fast unless you want them to be. When you use your rule-based parts and products in a job you only need to enter the data that you haven't already defined (via our innovative "Flexispec" system) along with values for your variables. And Flexispec allows you to specify variable values at all job levels. And for those exceptional situations you can always add, delete, or modify parts and their quantities for each job item.

Everything we build may look different. But when we break it down we are machining parts using some sort of manufacturing standards that we have within our plant. And when we work backwards from a how we build it to a how to parametrically design it in Woodwork 2001 we can apply these standards to almost anything we build.

Most items that are built can be broken down into standard items. A cash or reception desk consists of vertical walls, transaction tops, work surfaces, casework on the service side, moldings or trim. If we define our monumental items this way we can provide complete cutlists to the floor from the office (see link to cash desk drawing and cutlists). This allows us to use a rule based system for any type of item. Once we adopt a philosophy like this we can produce everything we build out of one system.